Importance of pre-pregnancy check-up and counseling

In today’s busy world when most of the women are independent, employed or even those who are homemakers are so much occupied with household chores & children that they seldom identify risk factors pertaining to health which can lead to high risk pregnancy. Such as:
High blood pressure
Overweight or obesity
TORCH infections
Thyroid disease
Kidney disease
Autoimmune disorders
Recurrent abortion’s
After age 35

Above problems can lead to unwanted complications like abortions which can be recurrent, preterm delivery leading to premature baby that may require ICU care and ventilatory support, and in some cases can even lead to intrauterine death of baby that is very unfortunate and painful.

Our endeavour is “Happy Mother , Healthy baby”.

Hence PRE PREGNANCY awareness, counselling, good antenatal care, and regular check-ups go a long way in producing a good outcome.
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